A skilled practitioner in the art of murder experiences an unexpected bout of empathy which rocks the foundations of his already unstable mind.

Prick is a short film about an obsessed murderer who over time has developed and mastered a process of doing so in broad public but discretely with some home-brewed poison. The title justifies the character himself, what else would you call a cold-hearted murderer? It also hints at his weapon of choice, a little prick dipped in poison.

The film puts you in the psychotic mind of the murderer, where he seems to get joy and satisfaction in taking random lives away and keeping the Pricks he used for each on as a trophy, a little like Dexter, just that he does not seem to have any motives, or at least the story does not push it as far. But the chemical-mixing murderer is faced with an unexpected situation when a mysterious delivery arrives to him.

The visuals in the film are cold and somber just like the main character in the story, Colin did a great job at matching the persona to his environment and feel of the movie. The lab shots are dark and mysterious, adding great close up cuts of his process to tighten the scenes. The few visual effects in the film also add a refined touch to the visual experience, but also adding to the character’s perceptions and mental states.

The goal for PRICK was to offer an isolated experience through the internal filter of our subject. The imagery is slightly alienating and the narrative disunited which serves to present a bit of a mystery regarding our Hero’s state of being.

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