Eliana, has stolen the device. With the police in hot pursuit behind her, she entered an alley attempting to get away, only to end up in a dead end.

This week we are dedicated to action shorts. Simple stories with lots of running and jumping. The Escape earns its spot as a Film Shortage feature simply because of its gorgeous animation.

A mere simplistic story that drops us right in the middle of a pursuit of the main protagonist, Eliana, who has stolen a teleportation device. Followed by the police, she is quickly cornered in an alley, with nowhere else to go, she decides to use the device not knowing where she will end up.

The setting is an impressive one, set in the near future, the artists did a fantastic job at creating the detailed, dark, futuristic city. The lighting was perfectly placed to set the tone right from the start, in a city map which looks fairly similar to our modern streets, with just a few technological advancements just enough to remind us it’s a future not so distant ahead… until she decides to press the button, which becomes as outer worldly as you can imagine. The attention to details is evident, especially when we get closeups of the character’s suit materials and skin which seem almost life-like.

The short movie itself is actually created by Enspire Studio for promotional purposes. The 3D animation studio will use the short as a demo reel to showcase what they are capable to do as a company. For this purpose the film achieves its goal, as it clearly exploits elements like 3D environments, textures, lighting and animation, and the studio certainly have talented capabilities that will get them the bigger works. But as a short film in itself, the film lacks some originality. Although the costume does show off the studio’s graphic abilities, Eliane seems like a character straight out of The Grid in Tron Legacy. Same goes for the new world she teleports too, stunningly beautiful graphics, but you get the feeling she is landing on the floating islands on Pandora, the beautiful planet from Avatar.

We are not forgetting what the purpose of the short is for, we understand the need to replicate environments to show people what you are capable to do. But being a short film website we need to judge the short as a film in itself. However, besides these contextual points, we believe that Andre Surya and the entire team at Enspire Studio created a stunning and thrilling short animation of the highest standard. This can definitely be a jumping board for the young studio, we can’t wait to see any future projects coming from them.