A visually dark and sinister short film illustrating the devil’s twisted view of humanity, our hopes and dreams, life, love and struggle together with the sacrifices we make for success.

Guy Soulsby has captured our attention last year with the ‘Devil Makes Work’ trailer, which has just last week named on the Top 5 Short Film Trailers of 2015. Today we bring you the full illustrative demonic work, a cinematographic poetry that will engulf your senses.

Devil Makes Work took 2 years to make and brought together over 100 creative people across the film industry, all of whom gave their time and expertise for free.

Since then the film has gone on to be selected for over 45 film festivals around the world including SITGES, Raindance, Leeds International, DragonCon, FilmQuest, Morbido, One Screen and more. It’s also picked up 12 awards including best director, best cinematography, best make-up and best VFX.

The idea was to make a short film that would hopefully generate interest and PR, enabling us to raise investment to make a feature film based around the same themes and characters.

The dark and smokey imagery embrace the powerful voice of the actor Shaun Dooley who plays the devil to a terrifying tee. Beauty at its darkest!