A young man comes up with a plan after news that he’s gotten a girl pregnant: Becoming the village’s pot supplier.

Damian Marcano’s “Chee$e” earns the laughter it inspires. The film is about the uneasy Caribbean life, evoked with sympathy and desperation. It takes place entirely within a small village in Trinidad & Tobago, which is known as the ‘Turtle Village’. The film center’s around a young country boy Skimma, who is forced to come up with a plan after he gets a girl pregnant. Driven by the constant complaints about his small village, Skimma embraces a new profession: the village pot supplier. With the demand growing, he is challenged with providing for his new child and keeping his new enterprise out of the reach of the law.

I was walking in the village one day and I met a man named Piero. I sat with him and just talked. Not about what the other did but just about village life. As we were having lunch he told me about this cheese he was making. I had been looking to start another idea and I had the character Skimma in mind. I figured why not? So we all (Skimma, Peter, and a few others) went back to the village for another week and tried out the idea. Piero has a place there called the “Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel” – It’s a place where a lot of people go to do turtle watching – he became our gracious host (and actor – ‘Mr. Ottone’).

The truly joyous factor of the film is that we get a full sense of lifehood in the small Caribbean island. The language/dialect, the people and environment really give ‘Chee$e’ it’s pleasant vibes through the pleasure and displeasures of our main character Skimma, marvelously played by Akil Williams.

As far as they were concerned I had their trust. So the pressure was on. And after the edit I wanted to offer up the first episode as a “sacrificial lamb” of sorts. Let’s see if the people like it. Let’s see f they like CHEE$E. We all like it, but some of us smoke so who really knows 🙂

Chee$e has a much bigger goal, where they are looking to create a feature version – which the writing of is almost complete.