Jeff is a salaryman trying to fit into the hierarchy of the Japanese workplace. But when his wife cuts his daily budget, Jeff’s life begins a downward spiral, leaving him to choose what he needs more: his job or his family

Sacrifices can sometimes take a toll on someone. Coin Lunch is a sharp little film about a man who us struggling to fit in a foreign workplace, while trying to balance between family and work. First time narrative director David Allen was able to create an intimate tone surrounding the main character Jeff – played by James Sutherland – while capturing a vulnerable man’s weaknesses and urges. Softly toned and light in mood, Coin Lunch fills you with empathy towards Jeff’s downwards spiral.

Coin Lunch is my first short narrative film. I usually work as a DOP in Tokyo for more documentary and commercial type projects and wanted to try something new. I originally wrote Coin Lunch two years ago as a response to my feelings of living and working in Japan. Over time the script developed and we shot the film over 4 days in January 2018. It’s a story of identity in a foreign place, and the new responsibilities that come with raising a family. It’s like a coming-of-age for a 35 year old.