On the floor of a bar bathroom, a man on his deathbed is met by Danny Pickler: a former classmate of his .. who died twenty-six years ago.

This devilish film came from filmmaker Alex Grybauskas in his attempt to getting back into narrative filmmaking after spending 7 years working in post-production for commercial and music videos. Alex pitched a script he had written a few years ago to the owner of Refinery – where he worked, and he graciously agreed to invest $10K towards the production.

Surprisingly, the story was inspired by an old Calvin & Hobbes strip wherein the boy and his tiger discuss the plausibility of the devil while sledding through their backyard.

It got me thinking about how often we as people can be our own worst enemies, and the creative ways we sometimes justify actions which may not be quite moral to ourselves.

Despite its dramatic content, the film turns around a few humorous moments that characterize the main protagonists.

I didn’t want to get too bogged down in seriousness though, and so I wrote it as more of a satire on those themes, wrapped around the character of Danny Pickler, a man-child version of the angel of death.

The film is brilliantly edited making the absurdly twisted story flow through as well as it could of and will leave you with only one question; Do you believe in the Devil?