Young Hugh is haunted by a past life’s desires in this tale of reincarnation, revenge and lost love.

So simple, yet incredibly twisted. The ‘Comeback Kid‘ is a haunting little comedy film directed by Ian Robertson as a graduation film from the National Film and Television School in the UK. A story about reincarnation, revenge and lost love. With an unravelling progression so uncertain that it entrances you into this bizarre situation along with them. It all rises up to some absurd craziness and we love it!

It came about when Sam Steiner, the writer, pitched me a bonkers idea about a child that happens to be the reincarnation of his friend’s mum’s cuckolded deceased husband… It sounds very confusing written down. But we could both imagine a very awkward and funny dinner scene so we knew this idea had legs!

The story ended up being a great vehicle for exploring ideas of virginity, manhood, loss of innocence and all those confusing feelings we have growing up. Tom Cawte, who plays Hugh, was excellent at portraying all those conflicting feelings.

The film’s brilliant writing comes through in the small talk, and how it develops the past character. But is explored even more so through the unspoken resented feelings projected by the characters. Leaving the audience in doubt, but constantly making in our own conclusions – which is the most effective way to keep an audience engaged. Tom Cawte leads the incredible cast with a comprehensible and dazzling performance.

It was shot on 35mm for a timeless feel. The cinematographer, Jon Muschamp, had the idea to shoot it on very wide lenses to capture the strange feelings that Hugh is experiencing. We also wanted the film to have its own visual language so we used wide lenses throughout and a fleshy colour palette in the design and costume. Every frame contains something pink or red thanks to our production designer Ana Martínez Fernández.