A homeless man that hunts fallen angels in a city slowly falling apart.

The anti-hero has become a movie-goer’s delight over the years, taking us away from the blatant good guy working for the greater part of humanity. Nikhil Bhagat introduces a new, dark-knitted story, as a base and introduction for something much bigger. ‘As They Continue To Fall’ scratches the surface of a storyline, where we see a homeless man hunting fallen angels in decrepit society.

The short came about after I met the C.Robert Cargill (screenwriter of SINISTER and DOCTOR STRANGE) on Reddit. I asked him to write me a short script and he requested to look at previous shorts I did. He thoroughly enjoyed the short films and wrote me AS THEY CONTINUE TO FALL to use as a calling card. I then got together a fantastic cast and crew and as a team we create this film together.

‘As They Continue To Fall’ is raw and unholy, reaching edges we are not used to seeing in mythical figures such as angels. A dark and rich cinematography shot on the Arri Alexa keeps the film’s tone on the fringe, but definitely paves the pavement for a solid base to a fuller storyline.