A young, aspiring actor gets a callback for an upcoming feature film but in his determination to impress he fails to see how easily ambition can fall prey to manipulation.

A film built on emotions and uneasy tensions, showcasing the nerves that takeover actors while waiting for auditions. But this is just the surface as Dash, already nervous, arrives at his audition only to be greeted by an array of increasingly abnormal situations. As time prolongs in the waiting room, Dash encounters the director who divulges some unexpected information about the film. The film was Chester Buchanan’s major work as part of his course at University of Technology, Sydney.

The rather squeamish scene where the Old Man slurps the remaining bits of peach from his false teeth was inspired by a real life scenario which Chester experienced and was the starting point for the whole film.

At heart Mise-En-Abyme was made to explore ambition and how easily it can fall prey to manipulation. Testing the fabric of fundamental human characteristics in the wake of deception and exploitation.

The Poster was Illustrated by renowned Australian illustrator Nigel Buchanan and won a 2015 Award of Excellence in the Communication Arts Illustration Annual.

The film features Lani Tupu (Farscape, Lantana) as Ryan Cumberford and Cass Cumerford as Old Man (Mad Max: Fury Road).