From the shadows an ancient evil leers out of a grey eye. Dark and passionate envy breathe life into a world of ritual and sacrifice.

‘Agravoy’ takes the peeping tom to an entirely different level. On his directional debut, Jacob Nizzola ambitiously sets the atmospheric tone right from the beginning, creeping up on us to the very end. The storyline keeps us on suspense throughout while we slowly uncover the story watching through a tiny peephole.

It started as an exploration into a particular character, an agoraphobic voyeur…hence the film’s name. It was through constant re writing and exploration that I came across the final storyline. As a self funded directorial debut that I wrote and produced, Agravoy was an exercise in testing my limits as a young film maker and proving my capabilities to potential investors down the line. All the highs and lows that come with it then it spits you out on the other side, a little bruised a lot wiser but most importantly alive and ready for the next one..but hopefully not with my own funds.

The eeriness sets in from the opening scene, where a seemingly abandoned dusty and empty room takes precedence. The incredible attention to detail and lighting strongly enhances the film’s atmosphere, while the sound design only deepens the depth of the film’s productions.