A Drop || Daily Short Picks

A Drop

In the vertical skeleton of an aborted and abandoned megalopolis, a man stands on the edge of the void. The only escape from this forsaken place is through the depths of the unknown… The main motivation behind this short film is to create a movie that has a strong visual[…]

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Hero || Featured Short Film


Faced with his first real supervillain, an invincible superhero returns to his childhood home defeated — and is forced to reckon with his fear, his identity, and the people he hurt along the way. We’ve all seen superheroes fall and crumble, but ultimately getting back up stronger than ever to[…]

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As They Continue to Fall || Featured Short Film

As They Continue to Fall

A homeless man that hunts fallen angels in a city slowly falling apart. The anti-hero has become a movie-goer’s delight over the years, taking us away from the blatant good guy working for the greater part of humanity. Nikhil Bhagat introduces a new, dark-knitted story, as a base and introduction[…]

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A man and woman cope with their first days out of paradise.

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Comeliness | Daily Short Pick


Comeliness is a short film about the peaks and pitfalls of modern young beauty following two days in the life of model Jess Latham (played by Katerina Duma) as she comes to terms with the conflicts between her career and personal life. Comeliness caught our attention several months ago with[…]

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Still Falls The Rain

A graphically stunning trailer for an award winning short film ‘Still Falls The Rain’ by Miguel Santana. Set in the gritty, cold streets of wartime 1940s London, the story is about a homeless teenage boy, Stanley, who resorts to stealing food from a recently bombed house, in a time when[…]

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