An alien bounty hunter enters a scene of suburban carnage, where something out of this world has been feeding on humans.

Director’s Statement

My first real cinematic obsession was the 1986 creature feature “Critters” from New Line Cinema. I grew up on a farm much like the film’s setting and always imagined what I would do if these furry little aliens invaded my own home. As a boy, this was the first movie I watched on repeat and what launched my interest in filmmaking. I can honestly say – for better or worse! – I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for this movie.

Flash forward to 2014, when Warner Bros. announced they planned to revive “Critters” as a web series. I immediately started thinking about how I could pitch myself to direct and had the idea to make a fan film in hopes it would get noticed by the producers in charge. I had seen plenty of fan films online, but had never attempted one myself. It sounded like a challenge (and a lot of fun) so I scraped together a few friends and a little cash and made it happen.

I decided early on I didn’t want the short to be anything other than a scene about a bounty hunter going after a critter. I really wanted to take a simple idea, build a little three act structure around it, and focus on making it as fun and suspenseful as possible.

“Critters: Bounty Hunter” was completed from start to finish in under two months with a small crew including cinematographer Kevin Stewart, Producer Ricky Fosheim, Composer Nick Soole, Critter Effects Artist Troy Smith and Flutist Gina Luciani. If you’re interested in how we made the short, check out my YouTube channel – I put together 6 really in depth behind-the-scenes videos that are a fun watch.

To this day, I’m still very proud of what we pulled off and no doubt, this one will remain special to me for years to come.

Watch the in-depth Behind The Scenes series here.