Escaping his execution at the hands of Nazi Soldiers, a rebellious Dutch teenager writes a brutally honest love letter to the girl who changed his life.

Directors Statement

It’s a story that originated from my own grandfather whom, during his time in the war, traveled from Amsterdam to the rural part of the Netherlands when there was a big scarcity on food in the capitol. He told me about his time there in the country that was also still under jurisdiction of the Nazis and to me this was the perfect setting for a smaller and more personal story in one of the most defining times of recent history. I wanted to tell a story about romance, but romance through the eyes of a crude Dutch kid from Amsterdam. One that didn’t say ‘I love you’ by saying those words, but by using a phrase like ‘I knew I wanted to see you naked, right then and there.’ To him, that’s the highest form of flattery and I loved writing about romance in that fashion. Through those eyes, in that setting. To me it made sense and it made for something different than other stories about World War 2.