Best Comedies of 2017

Our Favorite Short Picks of 2017: Comedy Edition

After presenting our favorite Sci-Fi shorts from our 2017 Daily Short Picks selections, we now bring you the laugh fest from 2017 with the best comedies. Fill Your Heart With French Fries by Tamar Glezerman starring Auri Jackson, Lindsey Burdge & Scott Friend Watch Film Run Free by Raynor Arkenbout[…]

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Our Favorite Picks of 2016: Comedy

Our Favorite Short Picks of 2016: Comedy edition

And finally, after our favorite Drama / Sci-Fi shorts and Experimental / Documentary from our 2016 Daily Short Picks selections, we now bring you the favorite films that will make you crack up. Fuck Buddies by Nate Wilson Watch Film 36 Questions by Giancarlo Fiorentini & Jonathan Grimm Watch Film[…]

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Sad Clown || Daily Short Picks

Sad Clown

A clown that used to make everyone laugh no longer can muster a smile. While everyone around him hides their feelings, this clown wears his on his face for all the world to see. Can the Ringmaster convince him to paint a smile on before the show starts? A dark[…]

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Thunder Road || Featured Short Film

Thunder Road

Officer Arnaud loved his Mom. Some films are just full of surprises. You can’t say there are many films out there that will make you cry a little, laugh a lot, and make you want to spend some time talking with those you love. Thunder Road is a masterpiece in[…]

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Sexy Tuesdays

Alistair collects voices. Overheard snippets of conversation he records out and about on his Walkman. He finds they help in those times when you could do with a bit of a lift. But something is missing. The perfect laugh. So Alistair goes in search and that’s how he meets Jane.[…]

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Battling Cancer With a Smile

Lisa Cook smiled and laughed throughout her 14-year battle with breast cancer and never failed to see a silver lining. Even when the end was imminent, she reflected on how a positive attitude helped her fight for so long.

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