In a post-apocalyptic world in 2050, a troubled, isolated teenager, Alex’s (they/ them) life takes a transformative turn when they are sent to live far away from the city they were raised in with their distant grandma. Regarding the anxious circumstances of the times, their personal differences, and their long age gap; a surrealist journey to her grandma’s memory of the outside world, will strengthen their bond through connecting and being grateful to nature. All while facing the delicate reality of this journey called life.

Director’s Vision for ‘Last Drops’

The reason I wanted to tell this story is deeply personal. Growing up in Ecuador, my brothers and I were raised by our grandmother while our parents, both doctors, worked tirelessly at the hospital. My grandmother was very different from my parents. She possessed a unique wisdom about nature, spirits, and being in tune with our surroundings—knowledge that wasn’t found in books but has stayed with me throughout my life. Whenever I feel lost, I remember her saying, “You are just another human, relax, go play outside.” This message is what I hope to convey through this project.

This music video serves as both a wake-up call to humanity—reminding us that it’s not too late to reconnect with our roots—and a farewell letter to those who impart lifelong lessons. It’s dedicated to the people we couldn’t give one last hug to, yet who left an indelible mark on our lives.

Working on this project with a tight budget presented numerous challenges, from securing locations and catering to transportation and equipment. Being new to a city only added to the difficulties. However, finding the right people who made this project possible was a triumph. Their support was invaluable.

A personal challenge arose after our first 14-hour shooting day in the outskirts of Berlin. Exhausted and freezing in an unheated RV, I couldn’t stretch out fully or get any sleep. During that sleepless night, I had a breakdown and broke to tears while everyone else was sleeping, questioning all my life decisions. I was ready to cancel everything the next morning until, just two hours before call time, I felt my grandma comforting energy giving me a big hug, which gave me the strength to continue. Sharing this story with Belinde, our actress, the next morning provided me with the best vibes and the motivation to persevere. Together, we managed to pull it off.

This project is the closest I’ve come to creating a narrative short film, a direction I plan to pursue with my next project. I’m grateful to musicians like Philipp, who allow me to experiment and adapt their music to fit the story. Collaborating with artists to take the structure and melody of a song and create a unique narrative is something I’m eager to explore further. I hope you enjoy this.