Director Dylan Knight and musician ROLE MODEL partner once again for the occasion of the Deeply Still In Love music video. Within a country bar, a stunt-packed bar fight is instigated by ROLE MODEL’s charmingly mischievous behavior. Knight underscores the bittersweet breakup ballad with fast-paced, violently destructive visuals with a fun loving tone. Produced By ANDRE BATO CORP.

Director’s Vision for ‘Deeply Still in Love’

Deeply Still in Love, for me, is an attempt at illustrating heartbreak in an unorthodox way. The ending shot is everything, it’s this mask-off moment where we see the real Tucker (Role Model), truly coping with the weight of grieving a relationship. Everything else is just a show, or rather, a music video. The repeating motifs and looped character introductions are intended to evoke the feeling of being stuck in an echo chamber of thoughts, habits and coping mechanisms as the lyrics and Tucker’s performance tow the line between looking back and moving on.