Set in the liminal space between waking life and dreams, this series of portraits feature 25 people proclaiming their resolutions of what they will do tomorrow. This video art piece was designed as a two-screen projection as part of the “Window To The Future” exhibition at the Telefonica Foundation in Madrid.

Director’s Vision for ‘Notes to My Future Self’

This 5-minute video art installation is comprised of a series of cinematic vignettes centered around lone individuals standing in a vast, synthetically generated, dreamlike forest. We hear each person, dressed down in their sleepwear, proclaiming their resolutions, hopes, and desires for what they wish to do tomorrow. These promises for tomorrow range from the mundane to the profound, invoking a shared human desire for self-fulfillment and change.

These confessions are set in a liminal space between present-day reality and an imagined future. The AI-generated theatrical backdrops are both sparse and rich; featuring technology and nature intersecting uncannily. We see people in a vulnerable state, standing in these sparse, minimalist compositions that allow room to dream. This setup grounds the ethereal visuals in the authenticity of shared experience.

The post-process to create this film included a whole suite of AI tools to achieve cinema-quality visual effects. Stable diffusion backdrops were generated and used as lighting references for the actors on set. Good VFX comes from good lighting and good planning. This was key because I had a limited time to composite everything. Lots of VFX don’t look great because they don’t know how to light for the final backgrounds made in post. These background images were then upscaled with Magnific, Krea and Topaz to get to 8K resolution, expanded with Photoshop Generative Fill and then injected with motion using Runway’s Gen-2. I was also able to use Gen-2 to create luma mattes that can create more dynamic lighting on the still image backgrounds.

This piece explores the reality of the present day set against the limitless and abstract potential of our futures. These lines of dialogue are also used in the image prompt that generates a unique environment around each person. These vignettes collectively paint a picture of hope, determination, and the common human experience of grappling with the concept of ‘tomorrow’. The prose captures a meditative and introspective tone, inviting listeners to reflect on their own lives and tomorrows.