At The End of The Cul-De-Sac // #8 @ Top 10 2017

At The End of The Cul-De-Sac

In one continuous shot, a man has a public meltdown in the middle of a residential cul-de-sac. What unfolds is a constantly shifting scenario in which community’s cultish public shaming is taken to extreme heights. From the conceptualized mind of Paul Trillo, we get a quasi-impossible – one continuous shot[…]

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005 Jumpers | Breaking The Scene

Breaking The Scene: Jumpers

We’re kicking off a new segment on Film Shortage called ‘Breaking The Scene’, where we choose a specific scene that really captures our attention in one of our featured films, and break it down to get a behind the scene look with the director of the film. We thought we’d[…]

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Inaudible | Featured Short Film


A musician becomes deaf and struggles to adapt to a new life. A smoothly styled animated film that lures us with its attentive detailing. ‘Inaudible’ is a magnificent piece and a great on example of how our visual perception becomes more attentive with the loss of sound. Inaudible is a[…]

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Daily Short Picks | The Oxide Incident

The Oxide Incident

A recently divorced sound archivist discovers a mysterious reel-to-reel audio tape that he believes may help him heal his relationship with his teenage daughter.

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B Minor

B Minor is an abstract animated music video commissioned by Kid606 for his new album ‘Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1: Bored of Excitement.’ Visual events match audio events, slowly adding to one another and creating a complex visual web of flickering lines that intensify the ambient experience created by the[…]

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A Different Kind of Movement | Featured Short Film

A Different Kind of Movement

They hold each other briefly and don’t know quite how to move on from it. Ornana has gotten us used to fast pace and edgy animations over the last few years with their incredibly creative films like ‘Notes on (biology)‘, ‘Through The Sand‘ and their most recent ‘All of Your[…]

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Tiny Tape Recorder | Featured Short Film

Tiny Tape Recorder

A man discovers a tape recorder implanted in his ear that has been monitoring and recording his entire life from the moment of his birth. ‘The Tiny Tape Recorder’ is a stylistic film about a man who, after suffering from intense headaches, discovers a tape recorder embedded in his ear.[…]

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Call Back | Featured Short Film

Call Back

We all do things we regret, things we want to erase, forget, change Created on almost no budget, Call Back is a quick and effective film that captures us inside a brief moment of regret, where our our protagonist tries to figure out how he got into his dreaded predicament.[…]

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L'amblyope | Films de chez nous


Le processus de création artistique d’une jeune peintre Comment perçoit-on un être cher lorsque l’on est privé de la vue et comment le cinéma peut-il représenter ces perceptions qui échappent à son domaine, l’audiovisuel ? Par métaphore visuelle, évidemment. Ce petit court métrage de Kamran Chahkar nous prends par surprise[…]

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