A lonely LA rideshare driver picks up a fare he thinks will change his luck but when things don’t go his way, he makes a choice with a grave outcome.

This is a film about the danger of the stories we tell ourselves and how the “truth” can be subjective…

Director’s Vision for ‘Wild for the Night’

This is an allegory of our world today; How isolation, fear and anger are fueling extreme behavior.

The main character works as a rideshare driver and desires a better life. He believes he’s entitled to a different reality than his circumstance, in this case, the attention of a woman he picks up as a fare. When things take an unexpected turn he imposes his own narrative on the events taking place, ignoring the truth. He chooses instead to justify an act of extreme

As current societal events are demonstrating, when a perfect storm of circumstances meets the wrong internal narrative, dangerous outcomes can unfold.