The film follows competition B-boys from the Bay Area, as they introspect on how the dance form has shaped their identity and freedom. Majin Vu, one of the highly competitive B-boy in the West Coast, reflects on the intricate relationship between freedom and fear. He contemplates that self-imposed ‘anti-freedom’ allows more freedom of movement that ultimately sets you free from various social stigmas and constraints. World renowned B-boy Nasty Ray explains how marijuana is intricately tied to its culture, responding to society’s dismissive attitude towards dancers in America. Scarface wins the battle to Switzerland, setting off a visual montage of his crew, a reflection of their friendship and community at large. The film interweaves all four elements of hip hop (DJing, rapping, b-boying and graffiti writing), paying tribute to the culture that has inspired youths worldwide to shape their identity and pursue their own freedom.

Director’s Vision

What started out in the South Bronx by black and hispanic youths in the late 70s has gone global, now an official Olympic sport starting in Paris 2024. Yet, the breaking scene remains largely beneath the surface of mainstream media that has shaped its raw underground culture. The film introspects on this culture and how it has set breakers free through movement and creation