“No More…” is a campaign born out of the frustration surrounding the Ahmaud Arbery case in Georgia. The cases of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd only adding fuel to the raging fire in the process of creating this work. Scenarios like these are becoming all too common in this country. As a result of systemic racism and a lack of justice being served in these cases, black people have been forced to essentially “shelter in place” for our entire existence. Sadly, this is not new to us. Coming out of this pandemic, it is imperative that we not go back to business as usual, as that never quite worked for people of color.


Director’s Vision

Advertising agency Executive Producer and Filmmaker Whitney Cusack, together with a collective of NY-based artists earlier this month launched the “No More…” Hashtag Campaign with the mission of encouraging the public to ACT not just POST in the fight for racial equality in the US.

The campaign was born from the frustration surrounding the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, and dedicated to initiating enduring systemic change beyond the platform of social media. For as it often stands, with every tragic death that occurs, another hashtag is generated in support, but meaningful justice rarely transpires on a legal level.

In lieu of the enormity of the social media activity beginning to take shape online, founder Whitney Cusack wanted to provide a call to action that would give everyone, including her friends and colleagues of different races, a helpful platform to show their support in an actionable way. The powerful video closes with the simple directive ‘DON’T JUST POST SOMETHING | DO SOMETHING’ and links to organizations that can help a viewer start a petition, donate, and support anti-racist political candidates. *We’ve listed every resource below.

Going one step further to ground the realities of COVID-19 into this painful lineage of systemic racism and the neglected repercussions for perpetrators of police brutality, Cusack notes that, black people have been forced to essentially ‘shelter in place’ for their entire existence. Sadly, this is not new. Coming out of this pandemic, it is imperative that we not go back to business as usual, as that never quite worked for people of color.”

The “No More…” Hashtag Campaign highlights the normal, joyous activities of African Americans experiencing the fullness of life (driving, jogging, socializing) and how these very activities sadly lead to any one person not making it home to their families. “I wanted to bring awareness to something we all inherently know as black people, that unfortunately life outside of the four walls in which we live, is much different for us,” Cusack continues, giving credence to the fact that while everyone wishes to go back to their normal lives, which is understandable, normalcy in this country for black Americans often equals “fear of law enforcement, constant bias and a sheer disregard for the breath in our lungs.”

Parents and guardians are having to inform their children before they even go outside to play that although they’re being taught to love everyone, not everyone loves them. This campaign says ‘No More…” No more of this ‘normalcy’ and no more of these hashtags. Together, with acknowledgement and with action we can move forward. For more information, watch the campaign here and engage with the resources below to get involved.


Start A Petition
Southern Poverty Law Center – Report Hate


The Action Pac – To support candidates running for office who will challenge racist policies

Color of Change – The largest racial justice organization in the United States

Black Lives Matter – Official site

Know Your Rights Camp – Organization devoted to the advancement of black and brown communities through education and mass-mobilization.