When Anna and Priss pick up a mysterious hitchhiker, their road trip takes a turn for the worse.

Director’s Notes

TRUNK SPACE came about from a desire to move past old relationships and into new ones, and the bias that occurs when you compare someone new in your life to someone you have already known. In my own life, I found it challenging to meet new people without constantly comparing them to previous partners–and yet perhaps those comparisons have some merit. It’s this line of thought that led me to write this story, where the concept of bias is explored through all of the characters–and becomes vitally important to their survival.

Anna and Priss represent the two poles of belief–someone who has a negative bias against someone new because of a past relationship, and someone who is wholly optimistic about the possibilities of the future, perhaps ignoring the past. At the same time, the Hitchhiker character–who remains unnamed–has his own preconceived bias about the women he meets in the car.

The fourth person who is included in this exploration of preconceptions is the viewer–by employing a familiar genre, our expectations of the characters have been established before we get to know them, perhaps affecting our experience watching the film.