Two broke hitman can´t decide wich one of them will kill a fat man, because none of them wants to spend their bullets.

Director’s Statement

After i watch the tv performance of the great actor Mauro Muñiz de Urquiza, i wrote a character inspired on him, in what his usual performance transmitted to me. The look in the eyes of an almost third-aged man whose dreams he never reached, made me think about how not all the people who strive and sacrifice in their lives achieve their goals. To my surprise, this great actor accepted to star in the short film once he read the screenplay, and the team that made this happen started to grow.

A very positive vision of life is usually offered when you are growing up: “If you strive and sacrifice in the present, you will have success in the future” and it is not always like that. Many have sacrificed everything they have and have not managed to get what they wanted.

Young people are usually full of dreams and old people are full of broken dreams … Even so… sometimes is never late.