Desperate for a clue to a mysterious case, an Investigator pushes for a last minute interview with his only witness: an A.I. called ANDI-7291. There’s only one problem, fearing the A.I. is corrupt, the scientists at Lang Industries made the suspicious decision to wipe her memory. Now the Investigator has about 10 minutes to find out if any memories remain before ANDI-7291 is dismantled by the scientists.

Director’s Vision

Inspired by Artificial Intelligence in cinema, such as Star Trek’s Data, Metropolis’ Maria (1927) and Tima (2001), 2001: Space Odyssey’s Hal and Blade Runner’s Batty and Rachael, I wanted to dive into the fear of A.I. Not, however, the fear of society take-over, but the fear of self. The fear that what makes us sentient and individual – what makes us human – isn’t quite as special as we thought. Through this film we explore human fear and prejudice against A.I. in not just what makes us different but what makes us similar. As we approach this level of similarity, not just in appearance but in understanding, we approach the edge of the uncanny valley, and that is what this film seeks to un- ravel. As the A.I. in our story changes from a more mechanical being to something increasingly human-like, our story asks the audience to re-examine what they truly fear – for perhaps in the unconscious fear of things “human-like” lies a more complex fear of what it means to be human.