Best Picks of The Month

Held hostage by her insurance company’s automated call tree, Shannon heads to the beach in a futile attempt to get away from it all.

Director’s Vision

A parallel could be drawn between my fascination with the human unconscious and cinema. If there is a singular driving question throughout my career it would be “What’s going on behind the scenes?” – whether that relates to the artifice of filmmaking or to human behavior. It applies to so much of what I love to experience and create. In that way, filmmaking functions as a Great Experiment in human experience – every project a new attempt at stretching the bounds of the medium and communicating deeper into the human psyche. To me, the story is not how the character got from A to B, but the sensation that the process gives the viewer. What tools work best for communicating to a greater audience the feeling of being alone and broke in deepest, darkest Chicago winter or the strange nostalgia of returning home to the Southern Baptist farm community where I was raised? How can that experience resonate with people – surprise them, excite them, and shake them? It’s open ended and I hope it stays that way.