It’s about a girl begins a journey through the darkness until she reaches her goal; get to a house to snatch a soul. The resulting film reveals a foggy landscapes where the death the girl represents death and the house represents the sin, making a double symbolism with the tree of original sin. The voices-over is Erland Josephson (Sacrifice, 1986 by Andrei Tarkovsky) who prays to God to take pity on his soul.

Director’s Statement

The Offering is someting that even I can not explain. It is the exploration of death and original sin. The Offering is us give ourself to “something” on our deathbed, although we have never believed in everything we ignored. The Offering is the path of death that is going to snatch a soul.

Sacrifice and Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky was one of my main references when developing this short film since I’m attracted by the characters thant wander through decadent landscapes and without apparent routes. I have a quite weakness for the russian filmmaker. I grew up and loved the cinema wathing his films, and Sacrifice captivated me deeply. For these reason I chose the monologue of Erland Josephson in Sacrificice when gave himself to God. I met Jesse Woolston searching between a lot for composer. I got in touch with him and he has helped me a lot. Jesse’s music get to increase the deteriorated, even melancholy atmosphere of the short film.

The Offering was a piece that I want to take care of a lot visually and I’m really happy with the result. Altohugh I’m cinematographer, the good reception that the short film is having gave me all a confidence to move forward in my own way of telling stories. It’s a extra motivation.