A young woman is forced to lay down the painful truth about the reality of a toxic friendship.

Cut The Cord is the second film in a three part anthology series.

Centred around our main heroine ‘Her’ these vignettes explore the awkward consequences that emerge in moments of truth.

Director’s Statement

The idea of ending friendships or “breaking-up” with friends is, in my opinion, a very taboo topic. I was considering not writing this script at all because I feel it’s so easy to judge the one doing the “breaking-up”, purely because it seems like such a brutal and callous thing to do. But what I find so interesting is how complicated these situations are. Friendships, especially female friendships, (just speaking from personal experience), are so bloody complex. You’re dealing with a lot of things; emotional barriers/traumas, friendship expectations, or even, sadly enough, physical comparisons between friends. From my years of being a social human being, I have found finding girlfriends that are on the same wavelength as me, pretty difficult to find. So, there has been a few times that I’ve become entangled in a toxic friendship, and unsure of how to get out of it. While not wanting to hurt anyones feelings, or make anyone feel bad, sometimes you just know when something isn’t right, or isn’t serving you. And when talking to people about how to overcome such a situation, a lot of their advice leans towards the, “just be honest…” vein. But, really thinking about it, honesty does not always work. More often than not it fails miserably. Even if you genuinely feel like you’re explaining yourself in the most honest/truthful way, your receiving partner may not be ready to hear it. Everybody’s version of the truth is different. And how you view a situation is rarely how someone else views it. I find this really fascinating. So, we made a little film about it!