A visual poem in flux, as its characters, led by a yearning for internal refuge in the face of uncontrollable change. Their introspection takes them deep into relationship with themselves and with nature – a lost haven.

This film is an invitation into presence by means of a dynamic visual and auditory guided meditation. This quiet practice brings richness and thickness into each fragmented moment of existence. It is a reminder to reconnect with the eternal now – through the chaos and calm – and surrender to the creative and destructive forces of nature.

Director’s Vision for ‘Surrender’

This project in itself has been a meditative and transformative journey. Over the course of a year, the film has taught me to surrender to the inevitability of change. There were many moments where I had to take a step back to reassess, realign, and change course. As a director I believe it’s easy to get overly attached to one’s vision, preventing the evolution of a project. That being said, letting go is a difficult but freeing process, and invites new and exciting potential for a film.

In collaboration with Spektrom, a Montreal-based clothing brand, this film was conceptualized to illuminate the interconnectedness of our material and metaphysical worlds. By aligning my vision with their ethos, it was clear that the film mirrors our shared values of integrity, authenticity, and honesty. The brand’s use of organic fabrics and dyes was the inspiration for shaping a story within a natural cinematic landscape.

I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating how my art could best serve the world. Film is a beautiful and complex medium rich in emotion. Its foundation in human relationship reinforces its ability to incite empathy and compassion. My intention in using this artistic vessel is to empower and awaken audiences by reconnecting them with their humanity.

Over the past year I have spent countless hours putting my heart and soul into this project, and I was so gracefully supported by many friends and collaborators. Through the energy breathed into it by all those that collaborated, this project has taken on a life of its own, becoming something so much greater and deeper than I could have ever expected.