Three childhood friends Badbug, Danya and Alina go on a trip to scatter the ashes of their friend Vasya over a cliff, in a place where they often liked to spend time, then they were a teenagers.

Each of them has their own secret connected with Vasya. On the way, everything secret becomes clear. Alina confesses to Danya that she and Vasya had love, this confession becomes the final point in the relationship between Danya and Alina, because Vasya is his sister. The Badbug confesses to Danya that he was an unwitting witness to Vasya’s death and could not catch her, she crashed, by a fatal accident, falling from the roof.

Always correct and clear Danya understands that the familiar world was completely destroyed with the death of his sister, but he does not understand how to live in this new world.

Three friends lost in space and time say goodbye not only to their friend, but to their childhood and past life.

None of them understands how to survive the loss of a loved one, grief finally separates them, showing through the dance of each hero that love and friendship are ephemeral, and the only real thing in life is loneliness. Will the heroes be able to unite? Is it necessary at all? We will find out.