A hitman. A broken car. A botched job… And it’s all about to be vlogged!

A hitman for the Ukrainian mafia gets in trouble with the boss after his mission is compromised by a pair of obnoxious YouTube stars.

Director’s Statement

“Sergey’s Fortune” was a formidable beast to tackle and at the same time, so much fun to make. Cinematically, it offered so much potential in terms of suspense, humor, and style. I’ve always wanted to work in the crime genre and also channel my inner 70’s director (hence all the zoom shots, the classic film score, and the “film” look to the color grade), but I was just as interested in portraying this alien world of the YouTube vloggers, a world that is rife with silliness and stupidity yet has not been explored much in a cinematic, narrative way. The script was written by lifelong friend and former co-editor of our high school newspaper, Nick Vitale, who was inspired by Logan Paul’s now-infamous suicide forest stunt as well as the Trump/Russia scandal.

Finally, the end credits scene was filmed at The Young Turks studio, which, appropriately, is one of the biggest news channels on YouTube. Enjoy!