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At just 19, Taru Mikkonen became a Finnish non-league rally driving champion in a country where racing is a national obsession. Raised by the extended family that is Rokkiralli – a DIY racing scene in Finland –she left a normal childhood in the rear view, to dedicate herself full-time to racing low-budget, beaten up cars on the ice for the freedom and thrill of it. But as her teenage years come to an end, will Taru choose a ‘normal life’ or put the pedal to the floor and hope for the best?

London-based Finnish director Ossi Piispanen and London-based director and DOP Elliott Gonzo’s latest short film offers a musing, psychological portrait of one teenage girl’s grit and determination to succeed in the ‘man’s world’ of rally driving, and gain her place in this unique, petrol-hungry DIY racing community in the wilds of the Finnish countryside.

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