A frenetic and impressionistic riff on films of the French New Wave, but not in an obnoxious way. Two self-proclaimed “Unlovers” who don’t give two damns about “L’amour” must find a new definition for their feelings as they drift through the end of summertime in Paris.

Director’s Statement

I made this film in Paris with the incredible two-person crew of Ben Elias (Director of Photography) and Maria Marrone (Sound) and the screen-burning cast of Charlotte Van Kemmel and Stefan Belhandouz. Without their collaboration and artistry, this wouldn’t be anything more than an empty memory card. We shot all exteriors with no lighting equipment, and our spending budget ended up being about 25 euros (to cover the cost of five peaches, a bag of cherries, and some thrift store clothing). I don’t have much else to say about the film other than it has fireworks, dancing, a street violinist, and fruit, so I hope you like all of those things as much as I do.