Sebastian im Traum (Sebastian in Dream) is a video-art, inspiration for which came from the poem with the same name by Georg Trakl and the figure of Teodor Currentzis, author of MusicAeterna, a pilgrim of avant-garde and a conductor. This project was aligned with the Frog Skin Parfum fragrance launch in collaboration with Utopia Lab fashion brand.

Sebastian im Traum is the essence of twilight, perhaps a dream coming true or a ticket to the place where reality and phantasy converge. An invitation from the undergrowth of night. A work of art. A dive in the cold depth of our minds.

Visions that evoke connections in our mind are deeply embedded in this project. Dark forest, loneliness, a kiss from a dead man or maybe an angel, or the absence of will and struggle to get out of bed – these visions would speak to admirers of Trakl’s work.

Director’s Vision

It was a project of utmost importance where we tried to create an allusion to high poetry in video form for a fragrance developed by masters with such exquisite skills. Trakl’s hero is dead on his own will. That concept allowed me to find the right rhythm and to translate my vision. Hero is deliberately fleeing from light. He’s pleased to some extent with the elegancy of fatalism, which is turning into a sense of despair. In this bottomless abyss the only light, the only veritable thing is the divine love. And maybe once in the lifetime “…rosy angel appeared to that boy”.