When rapper Danny goes missing after winning the coveted SWINE competition, it falls to The Big Dirty to rescue him from a world of deceit, corruption and giant exploding pigs.

Director’s Vision

I chose to direct SWINE because I wanted to create something fun and exciting that had links back to my love of computer games and great British humour and I also really wanted to be involved with musicians on a project from the beginning not half way through.

While watching SWINE I wanted the viewer to feel transported to this insane world of bad and evil where the villains are literally greed filled giant Pigs that explode into cash when destroyed.

Most of the challenges we faced while making SWINE came from the sheer scale of the production and limited resources, for example the main hall set that we used had huge windows that let in floods of light which all needed to be blacked out before we could start production.

I was inspired by the works of Edgar Wright, Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarantino and James Gun to create this film, I love dark comic humour when presented alongside over the top violence and big action set pieces.

Working with the musicians and actors was a special experience they all brought something extra to the film and added a little bit of there personalities into every scene.

The crew for SWINE was very small and the people involved all worked incredibly hard to bring SWINE to life, both in the production and postproduction stages.

We were very fortunate to get the equipment for this film in particular from Canon as a loan of good faith, they gave us a Canon c700 FF for 4 days which was an incredible camera and an incredible act of good will.

We also loaned kit from Media Dog in Birmingham who gave us an incredible deal to keep our costs down!.

I think SWINE will always be very special to me because of the way in which it brought artists together! If ‘The Big Dirty’, Tony Ceasar or Danny the Drunken Master hadn’t chosen to get involved it would have been a very different project and I love how it manages to blur genre lines all over the place!

There were plenty of delays making SWINE from a worldwide pandemic to location cancelations and then getting VFX completed, ideally we would have had all of the production wrapped before the pandemic hit us but like many others we had to figure it all out as we went along.

The experiences working on SWINE have given me valuable lessons that I will take with me into future projects I had never had a cast as big as this before in anything I’d done and it was an extremely memorable experience for me.