Paul Trillo

At The End of The Cul-De-Sac // #8 @ Top 10 2017

At The End of The Cul-De-Sac

In one continuous shot, a man has a public meltdown in the middle of a residential cul-de-sac. What unfolds is a constantly shifting scenario in which community’s cultish public shaming is taken to extreme heights. From the conceptualized mind of Paul Trillo, we get a quasi-impossible – one continuous shot[…]

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“Chromaticity” – The quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength and its purity. An ethereal flight over the ocean as mysterious colored smoke leaves its mark across the sky. A beautiful choreography between four drones simultaneously in flight and hundreds of smoke grenades. Watch the behind the[…]

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Daily Short Picks | The Life and Death of an iPhone

The Life & Death of an iPhone

“The Life and Death of an iPhone” is shot and edited entirely on the iPhone about what it’s like to be an iPhone. Seen entirely from the phone’s point-of-view beginning from its inception through its life… death… and ultimately its reincarnation. A sometimes ugly reflections of our relationship with technology.

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Daily Short Picks | The Irrational Fear of Nothing

The Irrational Fear of Nothing

Following behind the back of a paranoid, neurotic man named Terry as he wanders through the streets of Manhattan. Past memories and his irrational inner thoughts soon plague his every move. By channeling a form of mental time travel, he attempts to overcome these past anxieties. Shot with the Olympus[…]

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Just The One of Us | Featured Short Film

Just The One of Us

While surfing the internet one day, Byron stumbles upon a facial recognition app that allows him to identify his doppelgänger then use social media to track him down. When I think of Paul Trillo I suddenly think that something bizarre is about to happen. He mystifies us once again in[…]

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A Truncated Story of Infinity

A Truncated Story of Infinity

A look at the infinite possibilities within the everyday. Every day we make thousands of little choices that can influence the outcome of your day, and each one of those choice has an infinite array of opposite possibilities. ‘A Truncated Story of Infinity’ is Paul Trillo‘s attempt to bedazzle us[…]

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Invisible figures emerge from a forest to be revealed by bursts of colored powder. Shot on the Phantom Miro at 1500 frames per second. Of course, you need to see how this was made!

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