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Based on the poetry anthology “If I Could Write Love Into Men“, this experimental short features key poems exploring queerness and the author’s desperate desires for a new generation of men to be raised through love & acceptance rather than fear & control.

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Director’s Vision for ‘IICWLIM: A Chapbook Film’

IICWLIM for me was very much a release of years of conditioned programming as and a soft approach to confronting my idea of manhood through the lens of my queerness. I never quite felt comfortable claiming my queerness as I don’t look like most queer people and feel like the differences between whats canonically seen as queer versus what’s not always barred me from being able to share my thoughts relating how I view intimacy amongst cisgendered men. Moreover, how I wish cisgendered men could be more comfortable with intimacy and allow themselves to grow and evolve through intimacy rather than through violence or repression. IICWLIM is very much me saying “I so very much wish to see this world but for now I’m giving up and focusing on nurturing my immediate community as best I can”. Essentially resigning to focusing on being the example I wish to see in the world.