Two years into college, Lola is determined to break free from her lackluster relationship and embrace single life. When James, a sexy barista and former student, expresses interest in Lola, she sees it as an opportunity for a fresh start. However, their budding romance takes an unexpected turn, leaving Lola to question everything she thought she knew about love and relationships.

Director Vision for ‘Cool Girl’

Cool Girl offers a different perspective for the “Coming of Age” narrative. Often times this narratives center younger age groups such as teenagers but as we grow up, we find ourselves coming of age over and over again. As people, we make decisions based on our built understanding of the world. Cool Girl is a reflective story about how we think we should have known better. The truth is we simply cannot know what we haven’t learned. We wanted to give the audience a perspective Lola can’t see to showcase how easy it is to overlook things in the moment and how life can continue to be awkward regardless of age expectation.