Meredith Pottsworth, artist of the comic strip Gabby, is at the end of her creative rope. While trying to find inspiration in her work she witnesses a murder in her own backyard.

The masked killer makes his way into Meredith’s house. Things go from bad to worse when he reveals himself to be an incredibly huge fan of her comic.

Director’s and Writer’s Vision for ‘Gabby!’

When I pitched the idea to Alexis (screenwriter) as “Misery meets Garfield” it quickly evolved into something more. We frame a certain toxic section of internet culture into a very exaggerated but real life situation. A small but rabid pocket of people who consume film, or really any kind of media, have grown past the point of fandom into thinking they know better than the artists who are making the art, and by being such big “fans” they feel like they have ownership over something that was never their’s to begin with. After the script grew into that, Alexis knew exactly where to take it from there.

“While I don’t have a fan base of my own, I witness this everyday on the nightmare that is social media, and it was fun to explore a personification of a “reply guy” taken a step further, and shown through the lens of a Sunday comic strip.”