A teenage girl becomes obsessed with her ex-boyfriend’s new tutor, convinced that she’s not what she seems.

Director’s vision for ‘Moth’

Back in 2019, I wanted to tell a story about obsession, reflecting the anxious and obsessive age of social media that we live in. But I wanted to do something that wasn’t all doom and gloom, that was fun and a little unexpected.

And so came Moth, a fourth-wall breaking tale of a young person in the depths of social media addiction, anxiety, and with a growing and dangerous obsession. The horrific and comedic notes that made it fun to make, are also I hope a good reflection of the horror and absurdity of this anxious and obsessive age.

Cut to 2022, jumping neatly over a pandemic, awkwardly hurdling the obstacles that making a film with no budget presents and the film is finally finished. I hope you enjoy.