In the future you’ll still be able to meet someone in a bar,
but will you be able to connect? A tale of technology addiction.

Can you tell us what inspired you to bring this story to life?

We started by wondering if everyone else was struggling with focus and clarity in a life that is lived more and more online. From there we extrapolated forward. What would happen if these trends continue? How could that affect our ability to truly connect with each other, rather than just in a superficial way.

The development path in the story is intriguing, as for a while we are kind of expecting the opposite – where the characters are using technology to connect. Can you tell us how you handled these intentions?

We wanted to take the little struggles we have with the distractibility of technology and turn it into a horror story. What if it became such a problem that society turned against it? What about people who still couldn’t stop?

Gorgeous work with the photography, which cameras did you use for the shoot?

It was shot on the Arri Alexa classic with vintage Cooke anamorphic lenses.

Out of curiosity, how far into the future does the story take place?

We imagined it maybe 30 years in the future, after a major social upheaval due to online addiction.