Best Picks of The Month

An experimental sci-fi music film, for anyone that’s been hung up on the wrong girl.

Featuring an original score from world renowned electronic artist Daniel Avery.

Can you tell us what inspired you to bring this story to life?

I’ve wanted to do something in the world of science fiction for a long time. I’ve always been a fan of the genre and trying to come up with an idea of what the future could look like – or rather ‘a’ future.

It’s a lot of fun trying to build a world by asking yourself questions like ‘what will the fashion trends be? What problems will the world have? How do people have fun?’ And then having to retrofit the world based on the answers to those questions.

Like any genre, sci-fi has certain tropes which give you a starting point for what to expect. I had always been curious about trying to tell a more simplistic, human story but within a sci-fi setting.

I had been through a couple experiences where I was trying to date women who I found out were ultimately never interested in me. But when you like someone, you play detective. Trying to figure out how they feel about you. Reading into every look they gave. So I wrote a story about these two storylines being told in parallel. One story about a character searching for these extra-terrestrial objects. The other following the events that lead them up to that moment.

The combination of the two genres I think was always going to be quite bold. My two most anticipated films of this year are Denis Villeneuve’s Dune and Mike Mills’ C’mon C’mon. So maybe that says a lot about my tastes!

What was the collaboration process like with Daniel Avery?

I always knew that I wanted the film to not have full sound design or any dialogue. Instead featuring a heavy electronic score. It was essential that it be really well crafted and when I was developing the project I always had my fingers tightly crossed that I could attract a big artist. Someone who would be inspired by the film and want to collaborate. I reached out to Daniel and was so thrilled to find out he was a fan. He is one of my favourite producers and truly elevated the project above what I thought it could be.

The process itself was relatively straight-forward. I sent him some references to music I liked and some key tracks of his that I thought could work well. Daniel was keen to do something original and basically did one initial track that laid the groundwork and we just went back and forth from there. Playing around with the timings and accenting certain moments. The thing that is so great when you work with people at Daniel’s kind of level is you just don’t need to overdirect them. I think I was guilty of that a couple of times… I had to take things down a notch and just let him do what he does best.

What’s the takeaway you would like people to leave this film with?

I hope they enjoyed the film and watching it transported them somewhere else for 9 minutes. If watching it made them feel something then I think that’s job done for me.