As Maggie struggles with her mother’s death, a surprise visitor helps her find joy again.

Director’s Statement

Buttercup was inspired by a dream that I had about my best friend Jill, who passed away fourteen years ago. Her death was very unexpected and I struggled to accept the fact that we would never see each other again or get to say goodbye. The experience I am trying to communicate is the confusing and devastating feeling of loss when someone you love dies. I want the audience to experience the grief, anger, and even resentment that you feel when you are suddenly disconnected from a loved one and can no longer be there for each other. Like Maggie, I felt stuck in my grief and couldn’t enjoy fond memories of Jill because thinking of her meant remembering losing her. In Buttercup, Janie shows Maggie a path through her grief, teaching her to find joy in her memories. While this film deals with death, it also enjoys lighthearted, funny moments. Buttercup is a film about the power of friendship and how those we love never really leave us.