After the death of their mother, three sisters try to figure out how to move forward with their lives.

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Director’s Vision for ‘Like Animals’

One of the subject matters that I’ve always been interested in is family; how they work, how they don’t work. Why they do and don’t work. And what I’ve noticed from my own experience is these dynamics frequently come to light in moments of stress… weddings, birthdays… funerals. This is probably why I’ve always been so drawn to the work of Chekhov. He examines families in these moments of transition. He delves into why family members choose to stay together and why they choose to move apart.

Like Animals is an adaption of Chekhov’s Three Sisters. In fact, the title derives from a line in the play in which the estranged brother wonders if his sisters are nothing but animals in disguise.

More than an adaption, however, Like Animals is an examination of what it means to be stuck in a place you don’t love, with people who irritate you, and how you must come to find peace in this situation.