All Sheena wants is her cat back…but Billy has other ideas. When the stakes are suddenly raised for a seemingly mundane mission, a couple must come to terms with the realities of their relationship in order to avoid catastrophic consequences.

Director’s Vision

The darker aspects of society have always been something that interest me. In conceptualizing the film, I wanted to explore a moment in time where that grittiness, raw expression, and conflict between people could be expressed. I have an attraction to things that are stripped down, seeing where people snap, exposing the darker sides of themselves. There’s something about that kind of expression that feels pure, even if what’s happening is uncomfortable or hard to experience. Some of my favorite movies leave me squirming in my seat, running my hands through my hair, and honestly just stressed out. But by the end of them, I’m satisfied because some part of me felt connected to that level of discomfort. I found that putting two people in a small, hot, and dirty apartment with opposing motives would help provide the level of tension I was looking for. As the idea developed, I was reminded of the times I’ve walked by an apartment and heard a shout or yell through an open window and just stopped and wondered.