Film Shortage 5 Years

We Turned 5 and a Couple of New Updates

Film Shortage just turned 5! We’ve seen so much fly by in the past few years, and each new short has contributed to grow our community to what it has become today, and what it will be tomorrow! Thank you for your grandiose unconditional support. For the occasion we’ve been[…]

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Yellow | Short Film Trailer


A struggling small town race car driver wrestles with a dark proposition after he’s approached by a sponsor with an interest in the sport’s potential for carnage. Sign up for updates

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Film Shortage Design Update

What’s New on Film Shortage’s New Design Update?

As you may have noticed last week, Film Shortage looked a little different with an all new design update. Sometimes people can get scared of change, but we’re here to tell you that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about – every single change has been made with you in mind.[…]

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New look on Film Shortage

Film Shortage Gets a Little Botox

Notice a little rejuvenation? We decided to give Film Shortage a little botox lift. Don’t worry, we didn’t turn the site upside down, but rather just cleaned up little design features that makes our Short Film leading site sexier than ever. We also took the liberty to add a couple[…]

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