Objects around the house have hidden meanings for a man coping with loss, or hallucination. upstreamfilm.com facebook.com/upstreamfilms

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Daily Short Picks | Hell of A Deal

Hell of a Deal

When a business man comes up with an illegal scheme to make some easy money, he heads out into the desert to find the one person who can help him pull it off. But he might not like what he finds. facebook.com/EscapeVelocityFilms twitter.com/write_maniacs

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Daily Short Picks | Medicine Men

Medicine Men

Said and Franco are reckless pharmacy store robbers. They drive from city to city, selling stolen medicines from the trunk of their car. What starts as a normal day for them, turns into a nightmare as the sun sets… Enter the kinetic 24 hours of two hoodlums. facebook.com/MEDICINEMEN2014

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Sker is a short film featuring a true story of a kayaker traveling the Westfjords of Iceland. While kayaking in Arnarfjörður, he finds a skerry and decides to port there. He soon realizes that perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea. The film is shot entirely in one of the[…]

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“Essentia” is a short film about a group of young adults learns that the repercussions of their actions can have some serious consequences, and sometimes reality is more frightening than your nightmares. vianovostudios.com/essentia facebook.com/vianovostudios

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Byline | Films de chez nous


A struggling journalist tries to retain his humanity as he pursues a story that will get him on Page One. The lead actor and myself (writer and director) were both in journalism school together and also freelance journalists, so that might be an interesting side note to add since the[…]

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A young woman struggles to be wife and caretaker to her paralysed husband. twitter.com/IAmRoseHall facebook.com/AdventusFilms

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Lucinella reconnects with her spirit animal (her sister Lore) during a fabulously dreamy Los Angeles vacation. Dreams have to make way for reality when Lucinella finds out Lore spends her days working at CVS and her nights drinking to pass out.

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Bring To Nothing

Jessie comes home and begins frantically packing her bags. Who is she? Why is she packing? And what is she running from? bringtonothing.co.uk

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Robert’s Circle

Bobby’s in trouble. It’s big this time. Unsure where to turn, he instinctively runs to his sister’s house. Thrown into a situation she doesn’t fully comprehend, his sister must decide if she should help her little brother once again. Robert’s Circle is at once a tense thriller, a family drama,[…]

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