A couple’s life is too busy for her to notice that he can’t hang-in-there much longer. A kaleidoscope of emotion in 90 seconds. facebook.com/Suspended.ShortFilm jonathangarda.com

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White Carpet

Play housewife with Mindy as she is indoctrinated into a world of kitchenware, jewelry parties and deceit. Facebook.com/whitecarpetfilm Instagram.com/jordanfein Twitter.com/jordanfein

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Into Memory

When a dying young man is released from the hospital for hospice, his closest friends and family surprise him with one last memory.

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Pier Pressure

“PIER PRESSURE” is the story of a young woman who is bullied into remaining in a demeaning and exploitative job against her will and then forced to dash the hopes of the next generation of bright young girls. turtlecanyonfilms.com/#!pierpressure/cee5 facebook.com/turtlecanyonfilms twitter.com/TurtleFilm

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17-year-old Elvis Delgado who discovers his father is being held at an immigration detention center. Elvis wants to go and see him, but he soon discovers that he too is ‘illegal.’ facebook.com/ElvisShort

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Where I’m Calling From

The film follows a hard drinking 1960’s working man attempting to sober up at Frank Martin’s House, a boarding home for local drunks. Fighting with alcoholism, the men at Frank Martin’s swap stories to cope with the oncoming symptoms of withdrawal as they try to get their lives back on[…]

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Dollar Night

Dollar Night tells the story of Andy, a vibrant 80 year old theater projectionist whose love for cinema is tested when faced with the closing of his beloved theater. Starring Tom Morrissey (Boardwalk Empire, Girls) and Jake Ryan (Moonrise Kingdom, Inside Llewyn Davis, Foureyes). Cinematography by Jordan Taylor Fuller, Original[…]

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Blue Sunday

Veteran reporter Nick Spears receives a phone call from a mysterious source informing him of a mass terrorist attack. He agrees to meet with the man who claims that there is no way to stop the threat. Nick involves his editor in the search to uncover the truth, but the[…]

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The Birthday

Two taiwanese girls, Ron and May, are living in Berlin. As Ron’s birthday approaches, the different love that they feel for each other places them in front of a meaningful change. facebook.com/thebirthdayshortfilm creative-city-berlin.de/en/person/DanielaL daniela-lucato.de/?page=the-birthday-short-film

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The Straight and Narrow | Featured Short Film

The Straight And Narrow

Emily struggles with important life choice’s concerning money, hope, trust and fear. ‘Straight and Narrow’ is a one part love story, one part spy thriller that is wonderfully brought together through its emotional aspects. The two completely different takes on the film create a unique sensation that flows between a[…]

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