To contend with the bullies at school, 9-year-old Caleb decides to 3D print himself. Back home there’s confusion, discord and reshuffled schedules…But maybe this is just what his family needs? Caleb is a fundamentally human sci­-fi drama that digs into the psychology of the family unit and the morality of[…]

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Disruption | Online Premiere


Jay is a depressed comic book designer who confuses the world of his comics and real life, with tragic consequences. facebook.com/DisruptionTheShortMovie purpleroadpictures.com

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Ghazala is the story of a snail shell and of its power over the ceramicist who relies on it, his daughter who has longed for it and the young boy who finds it. facebook.com/ghazalafilm alexkozobolis.com instagram.com/alex_kozobolis

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Vampir | Short Trailer on Film Shortage


When a strange loner comes in to town, a bloody encounter with the local youth will reveal the true nature of what it means to be human. facebook.com/vampirshortfilm gifthorsefilms.com

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Daily Short Picks | Homesick


Your dreams live on the other side of fear. Homesick tells the story of one young woman’s journey to find the meaning of home. homesickclothingco.com homesickclothingblog.tumblr.com instagram.com/homesickclothingco

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Daily Short Picks | The Amputation

The Amputation

The story of the infamous boxer and Wellfleet native, Jack “The Dodger” Duddy. “Streams in the Wasteland”, is a mosaic of 2 interrelated boxers struggling to persevere through life both in and out of the ring. This is part one of two in “Streams in the Wasteland”. mrpresents.net instagram.com/matthewprojas

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Profano Nomen | Daily Short Picks

Profano Nomen

Recovering drug addict Jake (Martino Caputo) and his brother, Ezio (Joe Perrino), struggle to keep their plumbing business alive in the middle of a dilapidated section of New York City. That’s a tough act for anyone, but add to that the fact that Ezio’s still sore that their father left[…]

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Blue Hour | Daily Short Picks

Blue Hour

In the twilight hour of the morning, a young boy has breakfast with his father. When his father leaves, the boy walks through his father’s morning routine and is imparted with a great responsibility. kodycunninghamfilm.com vimeo.com/kodycunningham

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Online Premiere | Deep Water

Deep Water

David, a lead detective of New York Police Department, is in search to find the man responsible for the death of his father, but something goes wrong. Somehow David gets drawn into one unusual day, where his reality is mixed with his dreams, traveling through his subconscious. deepwaterthefilm.com facebook.com/deepwaterthefilm imdb.com/title/tt3143492

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The Skull: Treasure of Montezuma

“The Skull” is a film that tells the story of David and Jess accidentally getting in possession of the hunted treasure on their road trip through Nevada. They will get involved in a dangerous road trip trying to escape from “the guardians” of the Golden Skull. facebook.com/TheSkull2015 theskullfilm.com

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