Aloha follows new mom Camille as she goes on a mission to find the perfect birth announcement for her daughter Bailey. Despite her husband Noah’s protests to use this time to rest, she spends hours searching, leaving no stone unturned until she finds the one that feels right. As she flashes back to her time in the delivery room, she remembers the chaos that ensued at the hospital and the pushback they received from their parents who don’t quite understand some of the decisions they’ve made. When the cards arrive, we discover why this announcement is so important as her selection is revealed.

Aloha is a story that’s been in my heart for a few years but after having my youngest son, I knew it was time to tell it.

My baby boy was born two months premature in December 2013. It was a pretty scary experience as I developed HELLP Syndrome which involved a cocktail of complications that made my delivery a bit harrowing. Thankfully he was born without any health issues other than being tiny, so he had to stay in the NICU to get healthy enough to be released into our care. We visited him every day (except for the two days we were both sick and didn’t want to pass that on to the little ones) and it was an enormous relief when, after one month, he weighed 5 lbs and we could finally take him home. After having had two relatively smooth deliveries prior to him, having a baby in the NICU was something I NEVER thought could or would happen to me. It was an eye-opening and humbling experience and I will forever be grateful to the nurses who took care of him around the clock.

While our family in Aloha experiences a different set of complications, my personal experience was the catalyst that allowed me to make this film. It served as a stark reminder that despite all of our many technological advancements, childbirth is still a marvel and a miracle. My hope is that each person who watches our film will have a greater sense of how special every child is, no matter their birth story.