You Say Nothing

When conflict erupts in Derry in 1969 two brothers facing violence at home withdraw into their own fantasy world to escape The Troubles.

The streets were a dangerous place for anyone with constant bombings and shootings, but there was no sanctuary at home for these boys.
Their father has become a violent evil man due to the destitute nature of life in The Bogside.

Kathleen, Coll & Sean’s mother has no one to protect her from her husband’s wrath.
She is helpless to prevent the family from disintegrating.

The film opens in a speech therapist’s office. Kathleen hints to a ‘knock to the head’ being the reason why Coll says nothing. When he returns home he is immediately confronted by the man who’s fists have silenced this poor boy.

So as not receive the same fate as his brother Sean has to stand aside as the father’s fury is unleashed. He drags Coll to a forest once their father is done with him to play their favourite game “Best Fallers”.