A dystopian dark comedy about a young man returning home from work; as he is pulled over by the authorities his life will change dramatically

When we hear about “dystopian” films we typically think about apocalyptic events or Zombie invasions. A film about 9 to 5 workdays is probably the last thing we will think of. And one about a society punishing people for working too much even less. This is exactly the world director Tsapekis Filippos created in ‘9 to 5’, with a subtle and unsuspecting dark comedic tone.

The main idea behind the film is that nowadays the people in every society don’t have time for themselves, to discover themselves or to spend time for their families or with their friends. People care only for upgrading their social image or updating their jobs position. We are very busy because we have to attend to “cool” places or to upload happy pictures or to show to everyone that we are “in” to everything. So we don’t care about real emotions. We don’t care to spend time with our selves, friends, and families. That’s why we create a “world” that is prohibited for someone to be tired. The penalty for a successful lower is to be cleaner, and that is something that he can not handle it and decides to kill himself. (the society and the new trends, kill the people and every real emotion) . That was the idea behind 9to5. As you realized, 9 to 5 is an ironic title about the working hours because nobody works only 8 hours.