Autocannibalsim // Featured Short


One night of partying in the most violent city in the world: Caracas, Venezuela. Shot with a phone, viewed from a phone, the protagonists live and die by their phones, in a place where human life is valued less than of a phone. ‘Autocannibalism‘ is the new collaboration between Finnish[…]

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SHED // Daily Short Picks


SHED centers on Molly, an isolated woman struggling to find a deeper purpose in her life. Marriage and motherhood provide the mirage of the perfect Instagrammable life, but the emptiness Molly can’t escape leads her to an ending that will make or break her family. In our brave new world[…]

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Weird Box || Daily Short Picks

Weird Box

Weird Box is an interactive film that makes your Instagram pics part of its story. Seemingly normal thirtysomething Dave is pathologically obsessed with YOUR Instagram pics. And when his girlfriend discovers his weird secret, all hell breaks loose. Get the full Interactive Short Film here

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See / Saw || Daily Short Picks

See / Saw

Chock full of outraged aliens, wild dogs, Instagram malaise, and the private pursuits of the artist, See / Saw explores the relationship between image, text, and sound. Animators Case Jernigan and Erik Winkowski trade short stories, stringing together a flurry of imagery and messages. The two artists craft animation from[…]

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Breaking The Scene: Shield5

Breaking The Scene: Shield 5

Just recently we posted an article about how the new Instagram series Shield 5 has been making headlines and how the series can be opening to doors to the TV Series genre. Let’s skip ahead of all the success and focus on how one of our favorite episodes got made.[…]

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Likes | Online Premiere on Film Shortage


A commentary on the ever growing Instagram “modeling” culture. With popularity now being measured in exact increments, what morals are cast aside in pursuit of a digital image that brings monetary gain? Through the window of a smartphone, global fame is a tangible goal for the seemingly self obsessed.[…]

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How To Create An InstaTrailer

How To Create An Instagram Trailer

When Instagram introduced videos it became an addicting thing, and a whole new door opened up for filmmakers just as it first did to photographers. But things weren’t so smooth, creating quality movies on your phone wasn’t ideal so videos mainly served for dancing cats and concert snippets. And then[…]

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Vine vs Instagram on Film Shortage

Vine vs Instagram

You have a Vine and Instagram account, but which one is better for you as a filmmaker? So your a filmmaker and you like to use social media. With so many competing apps and tools out there, which ones should you use for promoting your latest works? Facebook and Twitter[…]

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What's New on Film Shortage

New Look! What’s New On Film Shortage?

Film Shortage has undergone it’s first major facelift, and we hope you like it! We loved our old site, and as lively and colorful as it was, we felt there was room to improve the throughout experience. Our goal was to give Film Shortage it’s modern home it deserves by[…]

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